«I wanna eat 5 meals a day. Who decided 3??? The same person who came up with the 2 day weekend? Fucking loser» - IneX

«Don‘t panic!» - IneX

«Marijuana is legal, haircuts are not: It took fifty years, but the hippies have finally won.» – ein CH-Journalist zitiert einen Bekannten aus Washington in der Corona-Krise - IneX

«Bagawww» – ä Huehn - IneX

«“zorg“ is a cult were people praise zorg. Zorg is a being similar to godzilla that blesses people with his mighty breath. Zorg wants people to overthrow the corrupt government and crush the high council of el dorado.» urbandictionary.com - IneX

«Cyborgs: They walk among us» – qz.com im Dez 2019 - IneX

Former Go champion beaten by DeepMind retires after declaring AI invincible stating «Even if I become the number one, there is an entity that cannot be defeated» – South Korean Go champion Lee Se-dol - IneX

“I had no idea a kebab could solve so many problems.” – SNP councilor Jimmy Black on a kebab shop in Scotland who won a late night license after arguing that the food can prevent domestic abuse and house fires by people who go home drunk - IneX

«Google decides to stop training AI on homeless people‘s faces» — futurism.com headline (Nov 22, 2019) - IneX

«In the US, Balloons are more regulated than voting machines» – qz.com - IneX